As well as giving us unconditional companionship, there have been hundreds of studies conducted about how pets can actually be good for our health.  Our physical well-being is greatly effected by our mental well-being which is why having a supportive and loving home is one of the best medicines we can have.

At First Aid Accident and Emergency we recently welcomed our own ‘good medicine’ in the form of a gorgeous chocolate Labrador called Bear.  Whilst Bear could be distracting at times his presence bought a wonderful atmosphere to the office and overall, improved people’s attitude and even productivity.

Here’s some reasons why having a pet in your home or office are good for your health:

Pets make you move: There has been a lot of talk recently that ‘sitting is the new cancer.’  Pets are a great incentive to get up and move around even if it’s to walk over to your four-legged friend to give them a pat.  Sitting down for long periods of time is bad for your posture, circulation and general well-being.  Whilst many of us can’t avoid it with our jobs, getting up and moving around every 20 minutes – half an hour will work wonders for your breathing and your concerntration.

Pets make you happy: There’s nothing like walking through the front door after a rough day and being greeted with unrelenting happiness and excitement.  Pets are a fantastic pick-me-up for any household and workplace and even sitting on the couch patting your cat is a great way to reduce stress and help kick-start those happy hormones.  Happiness is usually contagious so if you’re greeted by a happy dog with a wagging tail, your mood will instantly change.

Pets are great for exercise: Dogs in particular are the best reminder that you need to get out for a walk every day. Even if it’s only ten minutes a day, having a pet that needs a walk is great motivation to make you get outside and get active.  Taking your dog for a walk will help with your circulation, improve your heart health and give you a shot of Vitamin D.

Get out there and get healthy!

Why Pets are good for your health

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