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The importance of First Aid Kits in the workplace

“Has anyone got a bandaid?” It may seem like a trivial request from your receptionist who’s nursing a paper-cut but having a fully stocked first aid kit is an essential requirement for any workplace. At First Aid Accident and Emergency we not only provide you with a First Aid kit after completing your First Aid course but you teach you how to use it. While most incidents in an office workplace wont be life-threatening, knowing how to administer first aid and use the equipment in the first aid kit properly could be the difference between a drive home or a drive in an ambulance.

However there are some workplaces where injuries could potentially be deadly such as on a building site.  Knowing how to use the tools provided in the first aid kit such as how tight to wrap a bandage or which dressing to use will ultimately effect the employees recovery.

Here’s some tips on how to keep your staff safe with your first aid kit:

  • Ensure all staff members know where the First Aid kit is
  • Delegate a staff member to be responsible for regularly checking the supplies in the First Aid kit
  • Ensure at least one person on site or in the workplace is trained and up-to-date with their First Aid training
  • Ensure the lines of communication are open for staff to report any recurring workplace health and safety issues

If you would like any information on our Gold Coast based First Aid Courses, contact our head office today and speak with one of our team who can arrange the course either onsite in our training room facility or at your actual workplace.  We have discounts for group bookings.

First Aid Kit for the workplace