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Kokoda 2016 Training begins

It’s that time of year again already where the lead up to the 48 or 96 kilometre event, Kokoda Challenge is in full swing. As anyone who has has previously completed (or attempted to complete) the event knows, preparation is the key to having a successful race.  There are several practices you should be starting to put into place for the 16th of July start date.

Here are some preparation tips from our First Aid Accident and Emergency Director, Scott Whimpey:

Spend time with your team mates:

This should be done both in training situations and in relaxed social situations. You need understand the members in your team and their personalities so there’s no surprises when you’re stuck out on the track at midnight.

Familiarize yourself with the conditions of the challenge:

The Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge isn’t running on a flat road. It’s bush walking, hiking, mountain climbing on rough terrain. Ensure that your training is kept interesting and relevant with a few trips to the rougher trails.

Break in your shoes and socks:

Do not compete in the Kokoda Challenge with a brand new pair of shoes. Train in the shoes you’ll be wearing for the challenge to ensure they are softened and molded to your feet. Socks are just as important to train in.  If you wear a new pair of socks that are either thicker or thinner than what you are used to, this is going to potentially end up with damage to your feet such as blisters.

Ensure all team members are up-to-date with their First Aid:

There is no use just one member being trained in First Aid because if something happens to that person – or they end up being the one that needs first aid, the rest of your team will be flying blind.  Book in a first aid course that you complete together as a team so everyone is on the same page with their First Aid knowledge.

Have a cause:

There will be times during your training and during the actual Challenge itself when it gets hard and you feel like quitting. If you have a cause, charity or individual you are wanting to pay tribute to, this is just as valuable as all of your training. When you feel like giving up, knowing that you are doing this Challenge for a higher purpose will help you push through.

If you are interested in completing or updating a First Aid course specifically tailored to the Kokoda Challenge, call our Varisty Lakes head off today for more information.

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