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First Aid essentials for Gold Coast boaties

Even though the weather is cooling down across most of the country, the Gold Coast is still experiencing temperatures in the 20’s with lots of sunshine which means, more time out on the water. Gold Coast Marina’s are still busy and the waterways are still bustling with boats which is why need to stay vigilant with both awareness and water safety – including first aid.

You are required by law to have a First Aid kit on any vessel and must comply with the WHS Code of Practice. The larger the boat, the more supplies are required.  However, we have jotted down a few things to help get the ball rolling on some of the most-used First Aid items used by boaties.

Water proof container – to protect your first aid kit

Tweezers – for removing splinters or hooks

Crepe bandages x 2 – for supporting injuries

Wound dressings/pads – to attend to gashes, cuts and scratches

Antiseptic Cream – to treat wounds or bites

Instant cold pack – snap pack for relief on wounds or injuries

Latex gloves – to use if dressing a wound to prevent infection

Premium plastic strips – for small wounds

Safety pins – to secure bandages

It is also suggested if you spend a lot of time out on the water for long trips, to have an emergency thermal blanket and lots of bottles of water for both hydration and cleaning wounds if need be. Also be aware if any of your passengers suffer from conditions that need special treatment such as asthma or diabetes.

It is important to regularly check your first aid kit for supplies or items which may have expired.

One of the most important things you can do as a boat owner, is to ensure that your First Aid skills are up-to-date.  There’s no point having a first aid if you’re not sure how to use it or what to use it for. At First Aid Accident and Emergency we have a large variety of First Aid courses available both in-house at our FAAE head office or on location, contact us today for more information and class times and keep your boating safe!