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First Aid classes for Gold Coast Dental Surgeries

Even dentists and their staff need a refresher in First Aid which is why it’s important to be able to facilitate a First Aid class in the actual surgery.  One of our experienced First Aid instructors recently held a basic first aid including CPR for the team at Complete Dental in Elanora.

Having the staff being taught in their own working environment and on site is essential in allowing them to relate to their first aid training if they do need to use it.  Being familiar where their first aid kit is kept, areas they can use if they need to move a patient, resources available to them can assist in having to make quick decisions in a real first aid situation.

There are a number of reasons why patients may require first aid, especially if they are already anxious about visiting their dentist so having the nursing, dental and administration staff all adequately trained in basic first aid skills will give not only your staff confidence but extra assurance to your patients.

If your dental surgery is interested in providing a first aid course to their staff, contact our head office for more information.