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Pacific Pines State School students resuscitate First Aid instructor

Usually the one demonstrating CPR, our chief instructor Scott Whimpey was on the receiving end for once at a recent visit to Pacific Pines State High School.

Scott attended the school for a Certificate 3 First Aid session with Year 10 and Year 11 students and experienced first hand how much the students learned in one session.  “No matter what age, first aid is better taught by ‘doing’ rather than reading from a text book.  By giving the students the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test by physically administering first aid can be the difference in them retaining the information for an emergency or forgetting it.” Said Scott after his session had completed.

While at First Aid Accident and Emergency we tailor our courses to specifically suit our clients and their environments, the one thing all of our First Aid classes do have in common is our hands approach through learning by doing.

If your Gold Coast school is interested in facilitating a first aid course for students, please contact our head office today.