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Gold Coast Yoga Instructors learning CPR

No two days are ever the same at First Aid Accident and Emergency and today proved it with our chief first aid instructor, Scott Whimpey holding a CPR course for the yoga instructors at Fire Shaper Hot Yoga Studio in Bundall.

Being a fitness instructor whether it be RPM, aerobics, Pilates or yoga, you have an environment where your students could potentially overexert themselves. At First Aid Accident and Emergency we have experienced what happens when a student goes into cardiac arrest with one of our first aid instructors having to resuscitate a student who was ironically attending a CPR course at the time.  Our story had a happy ending with the student fully recovering the paramedics commending the quick thinking of our instructor and students in attending to the patient and ultimately saving his life.

Our recent CPR class held for the yoga instructors of Fire Shaper Hot Yoga gave the instructors an extra element of confidence in instructing their hot yoga classes, even those whom had already completed a first aid course in the past.  The instructors were also kind enough to give Scott a few pointers on some yoga stretches! 

If your fitness studio would like more information on our range of first aid courses available both on site or at our Varsity Lakes facility, contact us today.