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Tip of the Week: Extraction from a Car Crash

Man being extracted from a car crash

Do you know how to help in a car crash?
Watch this video for some great tips!



It’s common for first aiders and first responders to get it wrong in a car crash situation.

Here are some important tips on the do’s and don’ts when attending a Motor Vehicle accident (MVA).
Please remember that airways and breathing are some of the most important things here!

Step 1– Ensure you park your car in a fend off position- the car should not be closer than 30m to the accident and not face the car. Aiming your car to the middle of the road will help if your car is struck by another car and will be less likely to hit you.

Step 2– Approach with caution, look for danger in the way of power lines or flames. If it is dangerous, you may need to sit it out while calling and ambulance and the fire brigade.

Step 3 –Try to get a response from anyone in the car; do this by yelling and looking for movement or a response.

Step 4 – Turn off the ignition if you can.

Step 5 – Check the airway and breathing on the patient. Do this by look listen and feel. If the patient cannot respond, they can’t look after their own airway. Tilt their head back and open the airway, check again for breathing.

Step 6 – If the patient is breathing and the head is supported, call for help and maintain the airways and breathing.

Step 7 – Only remove the patient from the car if it becomes time critical. Direct danger like fire or another car comes at you. If the patient stops breathing – remove them to a safe area and start CPR if required.