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The Future of Defibrillators is Here

Heartsine Defibrillator being demonstrated on a patient lying on the floor


First Aid Accident & Emergency are proud to include in our range the brand new Heartsine samaritan defibrillator range. With its cutting edge technology, lightweight casing and easy to follow instructions, the Heartsine samaritan just became the new gold standard in AEDs.

More than just an AED, the HeartSine samaritan offers an integrated CPR Rate Advisor that uses only the electrodes to monitor and uniquely provides visual and verbal feedback on the rate of applied CPR, as well as continuously reminding the rescuer to perform CPR when no CPR is detected. This exclusive technology effectively assists the rescuer to perform CPR – a key link in the chain of survival.

Heartsine Samaritan defibrillator pack

We are proud to offer a range of Heartsine samaritans, as well as some all inclusive value packs, starting from $2,200. Our value packs include:

  • 1 x PAD 360P Defibrillator
  • Adult PADPAK
  • Casualty Prep Kit
  • Carry case
  • AED Location Sign
  • CPR Wall Sign
  • How to use a Defibrillator Wall sign
  • Free Training Video
  • Free delivery
  • Wall Cabinet

All our packs also come with free shipping Australia-wide, 8 year warranty and customised training videos for your staff specifically tailored for your business.

With an Australian dying every 12 minutes due to sudden cardiac arrest, we encourage all businesses to ensure they are equipped to act on medical emergencies that happen onsite; it could mean the difference between life and death.


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