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Giaan Rooney encourages all parents to do CPR Course

Giaan Rooney in hospital bed with daughter


Former Australian athlete, Olympic Gold Medalist and television personality, Giaan Rooney, is no stranger to facing challenges but last week she faced what is every parent’s worst nightmare, her daughter stopped breathing.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Giaan and her husband Sam were confronted with the horrifying situation of their 11-month-old daughter convulsing because she collapsed and stopped breathing.

Giaan recounted the harrowing event on her Instagram page and commended the actions of her husband who after following instructions from the 000-operator commenced CPR until the ambulance arrived and inadvertently saved their daughter’s life:

Instagram: @giaan.rooney

Last night was the most terrifying moment of my life. Our 11-month-old, #lexilevett had a seizure, stopped breathing & turned blue… My amazing husband @theherdonline gave Lexi CPR as I called an ambulance & talked to the operator… we are still in hospital but out of danger, just waiting on test results as they believe she has a virus that caused her temp to rise dramatically, causing the seizure… Both Sam & I did an Infant CPR Course when Zander was born & last night, despite the panic, it all kicked back in… so please, if you have children or are around kids often, brush up on your CPR skills, hoping you never need it, but prepared if you do.

On the back of this near tragedy, Giaan has been extremely vocal throughout all of her media interviews and social media posts encouraging others to learn CPR and brush up on their first aid skills.

At First Aid Accident and Emergency we offer a 60 minute workshop for our Baby First Aid  Course which is specifically designed for baby first aid and in which new parents can bring along their bub and learn potentially life-saving techniques.

We also offer a Free Community CPR and Defibrillator Course in addition to our certified First Aid and CPR Course – so really there is no excuse to learn or brush up on your CPR skills!

For more information, contact our First Aid Accident and Emergency Gold Coast office.