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Why You Need to Learn Basic CPR

Man lying on the road having CPR being performed on him

CPR is one of those things that always sits in the back of your head; you know you probably SHOULD learn it, but you’re just so busy it keeps getting pushed back. ‘Besides,’ you think to yourself, ‘I’ll probably never have to use it.’

Until it happens. The man you see every day at the bus stop but never talk to collapses to the ground. Your elderly neighbour whilst she is taking in her shopping from her car. Your baby becomes unresponsive. Besides the panic crashing over you, you scream at yourself that you SHOULD have taken that class, because then you wouldn’t feel so helpless.

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We also teach school staff and students CPR. No trainers were harmed in this scenario.

Learning basic CPR is a vital skill that we feel everybody should learn. Included in our CPR courses are operating defibrillators – a prospect that daunts a lot of people when confronted by a defib for the first time in a real-life situation. The confidence you gain in-class in using a defib can make a world of difference if you find yourself in an emergency.

Along with CPR for adults, we also include components of infant and child CPR and how administering a defib shock differs. For more in-depth instruction, we also hold exclusive Mum and Bub Courses that cover CPR and First Aid for your little one.

Our CPR classes take 2.5 hours at either our Varsity Lakes or Coomera training facilities and cost $45 to complete. If you wish to add on First Aid Training, the combined course is $99 and takes 1 day to complete. We recommend refresher courses every year.

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