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Outdoor Community Pin-coded Cabinet Defibrillator Bundle – HeartSine 500P

Outdoor Community Pin-coded Cabinet Defibrillator Bundle – HeartSine 500P


BUNDLE & SAVE on the HeartSine 500P Outdoor Wall Pin-coded Cabinet Bundle

We are a 100% Australian owned Defibrillator specialist, AED 500P Bundle includes 8 Year device warranty & Customer Support, Outdoor Pin-coded Wall Cabinet, Soft Shell Carry Case, 3D AED Metal Wall Sign, Patient Preparation Pak & more. Trusted supplier to parkrun, Fitstop, GC2018 Commonwealth Games and many more.

All our Defibrillators are TGA Approved.



The HeartSine 500P Semi-Automatic Community Pin-coded Cabinet Defibrillator Bundle comes with everything you need to set up your Defibrillator in your community or workplace with a secure pin-coded cabinet. The cabinet is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The HeartSine 500P defibrillator is designed to help IMPROVE YOUR CPR quality by telling you if your CPR is not correct. The SMART 500P Defibrillator system will detect CPR and give feedback with loud voice prompts, prompts like “push Harder or Push slower”.  The idea is to improve the CPR quality so blood flow to the brain is achieved, this will help reduce brain damage and improve survival outcomes. When only the best will do!

Defibrillator, AED, HeartSine 500P

HeartSine 500P Outdoor Community Pin-coded Cabinet Defibrillator Bundle includes:

  • HeartSine 500P Semi-Automatic Defibrillator
  • Soft shell carry case
  • Outdoor Waterproof Metal Cabinet with Pin Code
  • AED Patient Preparation Kit including razor, CPR mask, gloves, shears and skin wipes
  • Monthly Defibrillator checklist
  • 3D AED Metal Sign
  • Online instructional use video
  • 8 year device warranty

Outdoor Community Pin-coded Cabinet includes the following features: 

  • Lockable cabinet with pin-coded access
  • Solid metal construction with powder coat finish
  • Large metal door for access
  • Outdoor waterproof rating – IP56
  • Internal shelf to place a defibrillator inside cabinet
  • Large clear window
  • Audible alarm when door is opened – powered by 9V battery
  • Dimensions: 36cm wide x 48cm high x 29cm deep


HeartSine Tough and Compact: This Defibrillator is the most durable in Australia, with an IP rating (ingress protection) of 56, this means it can handle direct jets of water, outdoor environments and all weather situations.

Real Time Feedback: The HeartSine 500p defibrillator improves CPR quality by giving the rescuer real time feedback about the quality of CPR, making this defibrillator a SMART choice in any situation. Its all about better survival outcomes.

Specially designed for use in all conditions, the HeartSine® Samaritan® PAD 500P Defibrillator is a sophisticated, lightweight at 1.1kg and Semi Automatic – allowing the rescuer to deliver a shock through the shock button quickly. The HeartSine® design is easy-to-operate with clear voice and visual prompts, helping the user through pad placement and CPR in an emergency.

Low ongoing cost: All with a low ongoing cost, the pad and battery last for 3-4 years and only cost $249 to replace.

HeartSine 500p Technical information:

HeartSine 500P Data Sheet



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