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Medical defibrillator bundle, HeartSine 360P

Medical defibrillator bundle, HeartSine 360P


BUNDLE & SAVE on the HeartSine 360P Medical Defibrillator Bundle

The HeartSine 360p Medical Defibrillator Pack with alarmed metal cabinet has been developed for the medical industry.
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Medical Defibrillator Bundle with HeartSine 360p defibrillator, comes with an metal display wall cabinet,  ideal for your reception area. This AED Bundle is suited for a Medical practice, Pharmacy, Physio and Dental practice.

As the trusted AED trainer and supplier for the Gold Coast GP’s association and the 2018 Commonwealth Games, First Aid Accident & Emergency are considered a trusted and reliable Defibrillator package supplier by 100’s of medical professionals.

Automated External defibrillator for a medical practice, do you need one? 

It is recommended that you have and AED at your practice for a resuscitation, you must risk assess this based on the following:

  • the location of the nearest AED, hospital and other emergency services
  • the number and composition of practice staff members, patients and other people who visit your practice
  • records of injuries, illnesses and near misses.

If you have an AED in your practice:

  • it must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications – we supply a monthly checklist for your AED
  • the practice team must be properly trained to use and maintain it – we offer accredited CPR and AED training and an online training video
  • it must be placed where it is clearly visible and accessible, and not exposed to extreme temperatures- we supply a Bundle with a wall cabinet
  • there must be clear signs to indicate where it is located -we supply all required signage

Contact our team now: 

  • Bulk defibrillator discounts (conditions apply), call for quote 07 55205068
  • All defibrillators come with 8 year warranty and liability cover
  • All our defibrillators are TGA approved

The HeartSine® 360P AED Package comes with everything you need, including metal alarmed wall cabinet, patient prep kit, AED wall signage, soft shell carry case and defibrillator training resources. All with a low ongoing cost, as the pad and battery last for 4 years and only cost $249 to replace.

Specially designed for use in all conditions, the HeartSine® Samaritan® PAD 360P Defibrillator is a sophisticated, lightweight and fully automatic defibrillator. The HeartSine 360p defibrillator design is easy-to-operate and durable with voice and visual prompts, helping the user through pad placement and CPR in an emergency.

AED Value Pack Includes:

  • 1 x Automatic PAD 360P Defibrillator
  • Metal alarmed wall cabinet
  • Patient prep kit: medical Razor, sheers & CPR face mask 
  • Soft shell carry case
  • AED wall signage
  • 2x AED procedure charts
  • Monthly defibrillator checklist
  • Online instructional use video

HeartSine 360p AED Features

  • Compact and lightweight 1.1kg
  • 8-year defibrillator warranty and after sales service
  • Easy-to-use with clear voice and visual prompts
  • Low ongoing cost: pad and battery 4 year’s and $249 to replace
  • Escalating energy 150j to 200j
  • IP rating 56 – weather proof if used outdoors
  • Verbal/Audio CPR coaching
  • Metronome for keeping consistent CPR compressions pace
  • Free courtesy reminder service on pad and battery replacement


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