Meet Brett Orpwood, The Miracle Man!

Brett Orpwood at a parkrun



Meet Brett Orpwood, the miracle man!

On Saturday 23 December 2017, Brett went into cardiac arrest whilst running with his 8-year-old son in the Murrum Murrum Parkrun in Victoria.
Brett’s heart stopped.
CPR was started on Brett straight away by fellow runners and the defibrillator that was supplied by First Aid Accident & Emergency only 2 months previously was used within minutes.
The defibrillator restarted Brett’s heart and he was taken to hospital for further treatment.
6 weeks on, our Lead Facilitator Scott Whimpey got to meet Brett in Sydney where he told his amazing story. He has no ongoing health issues and all looks positive for the future!
We want to publicly congratulate Tim Oberg and the parkrun Australia family, who’s involvement was critical in Brett’s survival!
600 people a week have sudden cardiac arrests in Australia, and sadly, most don’t survive like Brett.
A defibrillator needs to be close at hand; let’s make Australia a Heart Safe environment! If you or your business needs to purchase a defibrillator and receive accompanying training, please contact us or check out our online store.