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Mayor Tate Praises CPR Instructor

Mayor Tom Tate CPR Trained by Scott Whimpey


Mayor Tom Tate had his first catch up on Monday with his personal CPR instructor Scott Whimpey, from First Aid Accident & Emergency. Scott and the Mayor met at the council chambers to de-brief after the Mayor’s wife, Ruth Tate, collapsed and had to be resuscitated two weeks ago in a Singapore Airport. The Mayor commended Scott, who personally trained him in first aid and CPR skills earlier in the year.

Mr Mayor said Scott acted out a role play scenario of a heart attack and the practical training session he received was the key to his acting quickly and identifying that his wife needed CPR. The CPR and use of a defibrillator on a patient were all in the training session. Scott and the Mayor also discussed future training for his office and using technology to identify defibrillator locations on the Gold Coast; this critical situation with his wife has now made the Mayor realise the importance of family, first aid training and defibrillators for the people of the Gold Coast, and is asking all workplaces to consider training for team members.

If you would like first aid training or a workplace defibrillator, you can contact Scott’s organisation First Aid Accident & Emergency on 0755205068 or visit www.firstaidae.com.au