First Aid Advice, Kokoda Challenge

How are your feet and knees?

prevent foot blisters

How did your blister prevention, foot care and knees go on the Kokoda Challenge?


Scott and the team from First Aid Accident & Emergency reported seeing the majority of competitors after the event that used one of these techniques: taping feet, taping knees or using Skin Slick everywhere.

Blister prevention

Blister prevention

‘After the massive downpour on Saturday evening, a lot of teams were already prepared for wet feet and possible chafing issues in the latter part of the Challenge,’ said Scott. ‘Those who did not prepare suffered in a big way and I think this is reflected in the largest pull-out rate in the Challenge this year!’

heavy vehicle portable first aid kit We would love to hear your story of survival on the Kokoda Challenge with blisters, chafing and knee issues.

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