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Maintaining your Home First Aid Kit

Did you know that items in your first aid kit have an expiry date? Many people don’t realise that items such as creams and even band-aids actually do ‘go off.’

Maintaining your First Aid kit is just as important as maintaining your car – if it’s not looked after, it wont be of any use when you’re in an emergency. Here’s some tips on how to maintain your First Aid kit for your home.

Home First Aid Kit – check every 3 months

You will have more of an idea how and what your First Aid kit is being used for at home.  Depending on your situation will depend on what things you will need. IE if you have small children, you will undoubtedly use a lot of band-aids.

1. Go through all of the ointments and creams to determine which ones need to be replaced or disposed of. The expiry date will usually be printed on the tail of the tube.

2. Check expiry dates and supply of medicine and ensure it’s being kept in the right conditions (sunlight, temperature, etc).

2. If you have any items operated by batteries such as thermometers, periodically check they’re working and always have the right batteries available as back up.

3. Check all bandages are in good condition and not tattered or fraying.

4. Check band-aids – you will find that old band-aids will just stick to the packaging and loose their adhesiveness.

5. Ensure that relevant first aid equipment such as asthma puffers are checked if you have a family member that suffers from allergies or asthma.

6. Print out a list of items and attach to the lid of your first aid kit or box.  Ensure you have the emergency number 000 written in big letters at the top to assist any children in an emergency.

7. Make sure that every member of the family knows where the First Aid kit is but is kept out of reach of children.

8. Put a sticker on the First Aid Kit with the date it was last checked so you have an idea when you need to check it next.

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