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Gold Coast father saved by CPR administered by his wife

When Gold Coast mother, Melanie Arreola noticed her husband was snoring awkwardly in the early hours of the morning, she quickly understood that something was seriously wrong. “I grabbed him like this and noticed his arm was stiff, turned the light on and noticed he was having a seizure.”

Melanie’s husband, 44-year-old Miles was in cardiac arrest and her actions in the next few minutes were crucial to his survival. Ironically Melanie had attended a refresher CPR course only days before ensuring that not only her reactions, but her skills were fresh in her mind. Without hesitation she administered CPR for eight minutes until the paramedics arrived.

Dave Morgan, the paramedic from the Queensland Ambulance Service who attended to the scene commented to Ten Eyewitness News on the how lucky Miles was to survive his heart attack.  “One in ten actually survive. So for Miles to actually pull through is amazing.”

Miles Arreola was a fit father of three and not your typical heart attack candidate. “I would never of dreamed of having a heart attack but something just happened in the night. It could of been stress.” Miles was rushed to Gold Coast University Hospital in a serious but stable condition and made a full recovery all thanks to the quick thinking and First Aid training of his wife Melanie.

“She’s a keeper yeah. I’m doing all the jobs around the house to pay her back and the vacuuming and doing the laundry, cooking.” Miles said of his gratitude towards his wife.

This is a true example of how First Aid training does save lives and how essential it is to ensure a happy outcome.

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