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LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillators: Top Features



LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillators:

Top Features

Here at First Aid Accident & Emergency, we stock the most trusted and innovative names in first aid, defibrillators and defibrillator packs. One of the brands we are very proud to have is the Physio Control line of LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillators. Available in either automatic or semi-automatic models, there’s a LIFEPAK CR2 defib out there to suit any home or workplace setting.

Our team of first aid specialists have been supplying and working alongside LIFEPAK defibrillator products for some time now—so we’ve decided to share our vast knowledge by creating a summary of some of their top features.


Automatic or semi-automatic, LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillators are often a top choice because of the simple and straightforward instructions they provide. These defibrillators have been specifically designed so that they’ll be easy to use in an emergency situation, even by someone who is untrained and has never used a defib before.

With easy-to-follow graphics and clear voice prompts, the AED will guide you every step of the way to help you remain calm and confident throughout the resuscitation. To make things simpler when it comes time to perform CPR, the LIFEPAK CR2 will provide you with CPR coaching and a metronome beat which will help you keep at the correct pace.


All the LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillators we stock here at FAAE have an IP rating of 55. This rating means that the AED will be resistant against water, dust, wind and is also drop-proof. With this high degree of durability and weather resistance, the LIFEPAK defibs are an excellent choice for outdoor environments and workplaces—for example, tradespeople who would like to carry a defib with them on the job, those who go camping and boating or even for sporting clubs.

To make things even simpler, the LIFEPAK CR2 defibs only weigh approximately 2kg—making them an easy solution when you need to regularly take your defibrillator from location to location.

Considering a LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator?

Here at FAAE, we stock a variety of Physio Control LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillators including automatic and semi-automatic versions. Making the invaluable purchase of a portable defibrillator for your home or workplace will surely pay off in the long run. The chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest are greatly increased when a defib is used compared to using just CPR.

To view our LIFEPAK CR2 products, check out our online defibrillator shop. Ensure you’re prepared for a complete range of medical emergency scenarios—consider booking in for one of our first aid and CPR courses today.


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