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All About First Aid Kits: What’s the Cheapest Kit for Work?


All About First Aid Kits:

What’s the Cheapest Kit For Work?

Even with the best possible safety standards in place, there’s always going to be a chance of injury and illness occurring on the job site. To ensure you and your staff are prepared for a medical mishap (whether it be minor or more serious) the experts at First Aid Accident & Emergency recommend that you always have an up-to-date first aid kit with you on the job.

Here at FAAE, we stock an extensive range of first aid kits that have been specifically designed with a working environment in mind. We’ve created an outline to help you find the most suited first aid kit for your workplace at the most affordable price. For your peace of mind, these kits comply with the WHS legislation for Australian workplaces across all states and territories. Always be sure to keep up to date with the specific standards that apply to your industry so that you’re compliant and prepared.

Level 4 Soft Workplace First Aid Kit:

The Level 4 Soft Workplace Kit is one of the most affordable first aid bundles we stock here at FAAE. This first aid kit has been designed for low-risk workplaces with up to 25 people or high-risk workplaces with up to 10 people.

Included in this first aid kit is a range of items including plastic and fabric plasters, antiseptic spray, cleansing wipes, CPR face shield, dressings and bandages, gloves, scissors and much more. This kit is perfect to take with you to different locations because of its soft and lightweight carry case.

Level 5 Rugged Workplace First Aid Kit:

Another affordable option is the Level 5 Rugged First Aid Kit. This kit was designed with higher risk workplace environments in mind, such as the building and construction industries. Tough and easily transportable, this particular first aid kit is suited for low-risk workplace environments of up to 50 people or high-risk environments of up to 25 people.

You’ll be prepared to manage a complete range of medical issues because this kit is loaded with a tonne of contents including plasters, bandages, dressings, examination gloves, tweezers, gauze swabs, CPR face shield and much more.

Make sure your workplace is ready:

To help ensure you and your staff are prepared to manage an injury or illness in the workplace, we recommend you consider taking part in one of the many first aid and CPR courses we provide here at FAAE. We also offer onsite first aid training, so we can come to your workplace to make things even easier.

To really make sure your work environment is equipped for a medical emergency, we recommend you consider investing in a portable defibrillator or defibrillator pack. We stock a variety of defibrillator packs that have been designed for specific industries including construction and corporate environments. For further information on any of our first aid kits, training courses or defibrillator products—be sure to get in contact with the specialists at FAAE today.

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