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Expert Tips the Kokoda Challenge – Training

Team Condev training for the Kokoda Challenge

Expert Tips and Tricks to survive the Kokoda Challenge
Scott Whimpey- Director of First Aid Accident & Emergency (FAAE) and former Team member of Nike Hammer, has an astonishing fastest time over the gruelling 96km event in 11:20min.

He has won the event 4 times and never finished without a full team, Scott taken the time to put together the essential tips on how to survive the 2021 Kokoda Challenge.

How to train for the Kokoda Challenge –

Topics in this video:
Base training, footwear choices, team work and cross training. As well as the usual PRO TIPS like,

  • Listen to your body
  • Don’t overdo it now as it can come back to bite you
  • If you are sore, have a day off
  • Better now than get injured and have 2 month of no conditioning or training!

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Scott Whimpey the Director of First Aid Accident & Emergency has been involved with The Kokoda Challenge for over 13 years, he has helped 1000’s of competitors get to the finish line. Scott also volunteers his time to train The Kokoda Challenge management and Kokoda Challenge youth programs.

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