Forward Hearts – Paying it Forward

As a part of FAAE’s commitment to community, we like to share the success stories and ‘pay it forward’.  Our forward Hearts program rewards Sudden Cardiac Arrest survivors by giving them a Defibrillator for surviving such a massive ordeal.

Scott Whimpey – FAAE Director, had the pleasure of catching up with Tyler Newman this week, a 16 year old Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor, Tyler suffered a medical condition and went into cardiac arrest 2 weeks ago at the Slacks Creek Soccer Club. Quick thinking from the club members saved Tyler’s life with CPR and grabbing the Defibrillator – supplied by FAAE.

Scott organised the Forward Hearts Program and handed Tyler and his family their own HeartSine 360p Defibrillator on Saturday.

Check out how happy Mum and Dad are to have their boy safe and sound!  

Congratulations Tyler for being a survivor and congratulations to the Slack Creek Tigers Soccer club for saving Tyler.

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