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How to prepare for a marathon

On the eve of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon weekend, we thought it was worth a mention on some tips on how to prepare for the big event.  Whether you are competing in the 5.7 kilometre event or the 42 kilometre full marathon, there are some things you can do leading up to the event to assist in potentially preventing injury or health issues.

No matter how fit and healthy the competitors, there will always be injuries. The main first aid incidents at Marathon events are caused by over-exertion and strain.  Some of the most common treatments seen at major marathon and triathlon events include:

  • Dehydration
  • Muscle crampsFirst Aid Accident and Emergency Marathon tips
  • Sprained ankles or feet
  • Heart problems
  • Asthma attacks

So how can you have a safe run at the marathon? There’s a few things you can do today to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your personal best while finishing the race in good condition.

  • Have an early night and get lots of sleep
  • Do not drink alcohol the day before the event
  • Begin hydrating the day/night before the event – drink lots of water!
  • Do not do any extreme training immediately before the event
  • Have a healthy dinner the night before the race inclusive of lots of protein
  • Have your last meal 1-3 hours before the event and make it a light meal – this is usually breakfast
  • Have about 5 mouthfuls of water half hour before the race and then use those drink stations for a drink every 15-20 minutes throughout the race
  • Do some gentle stretching the night before and the morning of the event – stretching is essential in helping prevent injury
  • Ensure you have any medication you may require on you at all times (perhaps in an arm bag or bumbag)

The most important thing to remember is pace yourself for the distance you are about to attempt and leave enough ‘reserve’ to last you through the entire race.

To all of those who are competing in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon and the upcoming Brisbane Marathon in August, best of luck on your big race day!