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How learning First Aid in your office helps your staff

Life is extremely busy these days and the workplace is no exception. At First Aid Accident and Emergency, we appreciate that time is money when it comes to staff and working hours which is why we offer First Aid courses at your place of work.

Our First Aid courses on-site offer many benefits:

Timing – we appreciate that your workplace will only have a small window of time that you can have staff ‘off the floor’ so we can work with you to ensure the content of the course is designed to fit within the time slots without sacrificing the quality of the course. The flexibility we offer through our courses by our instructors coming to, also saves time for your staff and their workload.

Relevance of content – Our team will discuss with you the set-up of the work environment (ie building site, childcare centre, corporate office) so we can ensure the First Aid skills that are taught are relevant to both day-to-day incidents but also specifics on what could possibly happen in that particular workplace.

First Aid they will remember – It is a known fact that when people are in a familiar environment they will retain more information. This is specifically the case when teaching staff First Aid within their workplace as this is the place they will be spending a majority of their time during the week.

Experienced First Aid Instructors – At First Aid Accident and Emergency, all of our trainers are experienced with teaching first aid courses both at our FAAE Headquarters and also out on location – even in the great outdoors! Many of our First Aid instructors also work in the health industry (such as paramedics) so you can be guaranteed that as well as being a great bunch of people, our First Aid Trainers know what they’re talking about!

If you would like to find out more information about the First Aid courses we can tailor to your workplace, contact our head office in Varsity Lakes today.

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