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Gold Coast Mayor trained by FAAE

When the Gold Coast Mayor’s Office needs First Aid training, you know they want the best training the Gold Coast can offer. First Aid Accident & Emergency Director- Scott Whimpey, was requested by the Mayor Tom Tate and his Chief of staff to facilitate a specially tailored CPR and First Aid course to meet the needs of the leader of our City. The emergency response session was recently delivered in the Mayor’s headquarters at the Gold Coast City Council offices.

“We are considered different to all the other providers as we conduct Lifelike, interactive sessions that are tailored to workplaces and specialised groups, including the Mayors council chambers” said Scott Whimpey.  “Ensuring that programs are delivered in a relevant format, and relevant environment, is one of the key differences FAAE offers to our clients. Our team and experience understand that if people are comfortable in their learning environment and the content is relevant to their specific situation, they will retain more information and first aid practices.”

The first aid didn’t stop after the training session with the Mayor expressing interest  in programs for Defibrillators and general first aid awareness of CPR within the community.

If your Gold Coast office workplace is interested in facilitating a first aid course for their staff, contact our head office to discuss the different First Aid courses we have on offer.

Gold Coast First Aid Mayor Tom Taite