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First Aid Training for High School Students

You are never too young to learn how to help someone. We recently conducting a First Aid training day at to the  Year 12 students at Varsity College Secondary School. The students were all keen to participate and learn basic first aid and potential life-saving skills through the First Aid course.

Some aspects we covered were:

  • CPR
  • Basic first aid such as dressing wounds
  • How to keep injured people calm and safe
  • General health and safety

Teaching young people basic first aid gives them an early understanding of the importance of knowing first aid and how to handle themselves if a situation does arise. Having the tools to competently deal with incidents whether it be themselves or others gives them the confidence to react in an appropriate manner.

Having a certificate in First Aid is also beneficial for students seeking employment.  If your school would like any information about First Aid Training days for students, please contact our First Aid Accident and Emergency head office on the Gold Coast.

First Aid Training for high school students

First Aid Training Day at Varsity College Secondary School