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First Aid Courses Help GC Businesses Prevent Injury

It all comes down to common sense when it comes to injury in the workplace – it’s better to be proactive rather than reactive.  This is particularly relevant when it comes to staff awareness on first aid procedures and protocol.  Many Gold Coast businesses are taking advantage of the many benefits of enrolling their staff into an accredited first aid course. These include:

  • Knowledge on First Aid training
  • Team building
  • Understanding of unsafe practices in the workplace
  • Relevant training for their specific work environment

Enrolling your staff in a First Aid Accident Emergency First Aid course is giving your staff the confidence to deal with any first aid incidents which may occur either inside our outside of work hours. Our team is fully trained and qualified and we pride ourselves on making the First Aid course fun as well as informative.

The advantage of our Gold Coast First Aid courses is that they can be facilitated at our fully-equipped training venue or on-site at your actual workplace.  Contact our head office today for more information on our First Aid training courses and availability.

Gold Coast First Aid Training courses