FAAE & LESSIDE Services Support the Outback

Birdsville Races FAAE
FAAE Birdsville Races

The team at the Birdsville pub. The struggles that our QLD farmers are going through have been much documented in the media in recent months, but they have been struggling for much longer than that. Numerous campaigns have run throughout businesses in QLD in order to raise funds for farmers, most with starving livestock due to the driest winter in many years.

This year, Scott put together a team from FAAE and Lesside Services and headed out to the iconic Birdsville races to help support the outback farmers and local economy. This trip was originally organised by one of Scott’s mates in honour of a good friend that developed a brain tumour and lost his fight 2 years ago.

“We all wanted to honour our mate by doing this trip and in doing so, supporting the outback economy,” Scott said. “We

Birdsville Races FAAE

Scott is reluctantly let into Birdsville.

travelled through some iconic outback towns and spent up big in the hopes it helped their small economies.”

The Birdsville or Bust Tour coved towns such as Roma, St George, Quilpie, Windorah, Birdsville, Inimica, Cunnamulla and Nindagully. These outback towns are screaming out for help at the moment and desperately need rain; the stock is dying and the farms are drying up.

“This was our way of helping the local economy and seeing firsthand the desperation they have,” Scott continued. “It’s hard to fathom the vast countryside until you visit the areas. There is something very special about the outback and all the crew loved every moment.”

The FAAE & Lesside Services team was well received in all the towns throughout their travels. They took a defibrillator and a selection of first aid equipment as well.

Birdsville Races FAAE

The team at the Birdsville races with Melbourne cup-winning jockey Jimmy Cassidy

“We even had to help a few grey nomads along the way with first aid treatment and support,” Scott laughed.

The Birdsville Races are held each year in September and see the population grow from 100 locals to more than 7,000 visitors during the two-day event.