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Coles to Have Defibs in All Supermarkets

Coles Supermarket Trolley Close Up


Coles to Have Defibs in All Supermarkets

Supermarket giant Coles has recently collaborated with The Heart Foundation in a move to have defibrillators installed in all of their supermarkets and distribution centres. 

In conjunction with the installations, a minimum of five employees at each location will also be trained to be able to use a defib to assist anyone who suffers from a cardiac arrest.

Defibs in More Than 800 Locations

Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in Australia with more than 18,000 deaths occurring every year. The decision by Coles to install defibrillators at more than 820 of their store and distribution centres has been warmly welcomed by staff, customers and suppliers alike.

Coles Director of Safety David Brewster highlighted the importance of having defibs installed at their locations stating that “by having defibrillators available for our customers and team members, we will be even more able to provide the help that has been shown to increase the chances of survival for people who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest.”

AED Training For Staff

Brewster went on to say “All our first aid team members will be trained in the use of the AED, and we have chosen an easy-to-use device that includes audio and visual instructions so that just about anyone can use it in the case of an emergency.”

Providing this training is a sign of Coles commitment to their customers and staff. While AEDs are designed to be easy to use, having some experience or training always helps in an emergency situation as the rescuers need to be calm and considerate in their actions.

Dedicated to a Healthier Australia

The best way to deal with heart problems is to take a preventative approach. Coles will be working closely with the Heart Foundation over the coming months to encourage more Australians to have a Heart Health Check with their doctor. Through their social media channels and their Flybuys program, Coles will take an active role in assisting the Heart Foundation in their efforts to protect the heart health of the Australian people.

Having defibrillators installed at their locations nationwide is a fantastic first step and we hope that more companies will follow their example in taking measures to give anyone who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest a fighting chance.

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