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Defibrillators & Sport: Should your club have a defib?


Defibrillators & Sport:


Should your club have a defib?

Sudden cardiac arrest is very unpredictable and can happen to even fit and healthy individuals. This is why we encourage all workplaces, schools and any other kind of public space to seriously consider having a defib readily available to be used in the event of an emergency.

This recommendation also applies to sporting clubs and recreation centres.

Have a read below as we investigate defibrillators in sport and help you understand why your club should have a defib.  

Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Sport:

Sudden cardiac arrest is very different to a heart attack. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, whatever their age or health level may be. This means that fit and healthy individuals taking part in recreational sporting activities could also be at risk of suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. You can learn more about the key differences between heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest in one of our recent blog posts.

Cardiac arrest is completely unpredictable, so regardless of the sport (whether it’s contact, non-contact, high-intensity or low-intensity) sudden cardiac arrest may still occur.

These days, AEDs are designed to be extremely lightweight and compact—making them easily stored and transported when you need to travel for sporting events.

If the defibrillator is intended to be permanently kept at the sporting grounds, for example, at an indoor sports centre, there are durable cabinets available that the defib can be stored in and easily accessed when needed.

Sports Defibrillator Packs:

Here at FAAE, we stock specially designed defibrillator packs that been created with sporting centres in mind. For example, the HeartSine Samaritan 360P Gym/Sports Club Defibrillator Pack.

This defibrillator bundle includes everything needed to store the defib safely at your sporting club and complete a resuscitation if and when the time arises.

This sports defib pack includes:

  • 1 x AED
  • Patient prep kit
  • Soft shell carry case
  • AED wall signage
  • Training video
  • Metal alarmed wall cabinet

If you have any questions regarding defibrillators and cardiac arrest in sports, be sure to get in contact with our team of specialists today.

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