CPR and First Aid Training during Corona Virus


Why are we still running CPR and First Aid Courses?

As the Corona Virus hits all businesses in Australia and around the world, there has been a large amount of business that are still confused about staying open and weather to continue to operate.

As a first aid provider, FAAE  has now felt a 90% decrease in business and training capability. Fully aware of the risk to staff and family, we have decided to continue to run CPR and First Aid Courses for 1 reason- We have now found that all people booking in for courses are in the health sector and require this training prior to gaining employment or continue to work!

The federal and state government have not given much direction to us or this cohort, so they still require the CPR or First Aid qualification for work. We are not sure why an exemption has not been made, and think a descision needs to be passed down by our leaders.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we are governed by ASQA and have not had much direction until today- the following in regards to face to face training-

The courses we deliver are practical in nature, can we still deliver the courses?

Answer:  Yes. 

RTOs can continue to deliver practical training but, where possible, social distancing should be practised and RTOs should provide additional methods to allow students to keep their hands clean.

  • RTOs should also consider increasing cleaning, particularly of classrooms, toilets, common areas, door handles and equipment.
  • Any student who is unwell, or who is required to self-isolate, should not attend class and should be sent home.
  • FAAE have adjusted our face to face training in the following ways to operate in a safe environment:

FAAE will ask at time of Booking: 

  • Are you as health care worker or in an essential industry that requires this training for work? If yes – you can attend our course
  • Do you feel sick or have flu-like symptoms? If so, do not attend our face to face course and self-isolate.
  • If a person turns up for a course with flu-like symptoms or a temperature, they cannot attend the course until they are in good health.
  • Have you travelled internationally in the past month?  If the answer is yes, you cannot attend our course for 14 days from the time of arriving in Australia.

FAAE Hygiene Procedures:

  • All participants and staff to wash their hands frequently with soap and water
  • We have provided hand sanitiser for all students
  • All participants and staff to cough or sneeze into the bend of their arm and avoid touching their face
  • We have provided alcohol wipes for use on equipment and surfaces
  • Course numbers have been reduced to meet the government requirement of 1 person per 4sqm – total of 10 in a group training environment.
  • All equipment (including furniture, handles and bathrooms) will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after training
  • Each student to use hand sanitiser and gloves when conducting practical activities
  • Bandaging techniques will be practiced on yourself instead of other students
  • No face to face contact when performing the CPR assessment on a manikin, 2 breaths can be practiced off to the side of the manikin – as requested by students
  • 1 Manikin per student will be provided for students
  • Minimal touching where possible in practical assessments

If you are in health services or require this qualification for work, let us know as we are continuing to operate and train the essential workers that require a qualification to work.

For course bookings on the Gold Coast – check here 

for more information on our protocols – check here