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What First Aid Equipment Should I Have at Work?


What First Aid Equipment

Should I Have at Work?

Regardless of the industry you work in, there’s always a chance that injury or illness will strike while you’re on the job. This is why the specialists at First Aid Accident & Emergency recommend that all workplaces invest in a good-quality first aid kit to have at the ready. All industries will have their own OHS policies and safety requirements in place, so it’s important to first make sure that you’re compliant with these.

Here at FAAE, we stock a range of first aid equipment and kits, we’re also the experts when it comes to all things first aid, including the best ways to manage a range of medical emergencies. To help you out, we’ve put together a simple summary of some of the basic and most important first aid equipment to ensure you have in your workplace first aid kit.

Bandaids, bandages & dressings

Minor cut or more serious laceration, it’s always important to ensure your workplace first aid kit is stocked with a variety of bandaids, bandages and dressings in a range of sizes. The experts at FAAE recommend that your first aid kit includes both plastic and fabric plasters/bandaids, dressings in a selection of sizes and a few conforming bandages.

If one of your staff has cut or grazed themselves, it would also be very handy to have an antiseptic spray and cleansing wipes ready to first apply to the wound before dressing it. This will help clean the wound and prevent infection from developing.

Gloves, scissors, tweezers etc

When tending to other people’s injuries and illnesses, it’s also important to make sure you are protected. This is why it’s essential to have disposable gloves and a CPR face shield present within your workplace first aid kit. For the safety of both you and the patient, we recommend that you always start your first aid management by first putting on clean gloves—this is particularly important if there is any blood involved.

Other helpful items to have in your workplace first aid kit include general equipment like scissors, tweezers, tape and a blanket.


If you want to make sure your workplace is really prepared for a medical emergency, a portable defibrillator is always an extremely beneficial investment.

Here at FAAE we stock extensive defibrillators and defibrillator packs that are ideal for workplaces within all sorts of industries.

Get everything you need in a new kit

If you haven’t updated your first aid kit at work for a while, it might be more beneficial to invest in a brand new kit that’s already stocked with all the basics you’ll need. Here at First Aid Accident & Emergency, we stock a range of different first aid kits for both personal use and the workplace. Some of our kits have been specifically designed with the workplace in mind, including our Level 4 Soft Workplace First Aid Kit and the Level 5 Rugged First Aid Kit.

Check out our full range of first aid kits or consider refreshing your first aid skills by booking a course with FAAE today.

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