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Why more people need to learn first aid

why more people need to learn first aid

There was a recent incident in Canberra where a swimming teacher was driving home only to come across the aftermath of a vehicle accident in where the driver had been flung from the vehicle. The teacher saw over ten people standing around attending to the crash victim, however thankfully he still stopped to assist and was trained in first aid. When he approached the scene it was evident even though there were a lot of people, none of them knew what to do or were actively administering first aid.

Another incident in Brisbane where a man collapsed on the street during his morning jog also neally ended in tragedy when a neighbour heard his cry and went to help. The man was experiencing a heart attack and the helpful neighbour was walked through basic CPR by the paramedic over the phone and subsequently kept him alive until the ambulance arrived.

While we all may think we ‘know enough’ to help someone in an emergency or even guess our way through administering CPR, near enough may unfortunately not be good enough when it comes to first aid. There are a number of reasons why you should learn first aid through a reputable first aid training service:

  • Be aware of the latest first aid techniques
  • Ensure you correctly administer first aid – Situations can become worse through improper first aid or diagnosis.
  • Have confidence in your ability of first aid for yourself and your family
  • Learn the proper first aid skills from a qualified trainer
  • Understand how to actually use a first aid kit

Having knowledge and the confidence in your first aid capabilities could well be the difference between a happy ending and a not-so-good one. At First Aid Accident and Emergency we have a variety of First Aid courses tailoring to beginners, trades people, child care workers, parents, etc. We hold a number of classes at our Varisty Lakes facility and offer the option for off-site training.

If you would like some more information about our Gold Coast first aid courses, please contact our FAAE office today.

why more people need to learn first aid - first aid accident and emergency gold coast