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Why is First Aid So Important?

First Aid Training


It’s the situation you never think will happen to you. Someone goes into cardiac arrest right in front of you, and apart from rushing to the patient, everyone’s next response is to frantically look around at the assembled people hoping someone in the immediate vicinity knows first aid and will swoop in and take control.

The sad fact is that only 5% of the Australian population has been trained in first aid or CPR, one of the lowest rates in the world.

Why Is First Aid So Important?

There are many reasons why Australians are not first aid qualified – but they should be.

So why the low rates? Many factors could come into play: people just genuinely think they will never need it, they hesitate at the cost, other people around them are already trained…the list goes on. One of the most common reasons however, is that people think, “Why do I need first aid? Surely that’s the paramedics’ job.”

Ambulances usually arrive at the scene of an emergency within 8-15 minutes. However, factors such as traffic, adverse weather and a high rate of call outs can push that time out further. In instances such as cardiac arrest, a patient cannot wait that 8-15 minute window without early intervention. This is where first aid steps in.

Someone that is able to administer first aid within 1 minute of the patient falling into cardiac arrest significantly raises their chance of survival whilst the paramedics are on their way. Similarly, someone trained in first aid that is on the scene in the case of severe bleeding, snake bites or other potentially life-threatening situations can make a tremendous difference before paramedics can arrive.

Many employers offer first aid training for all their employees but if not, our courses are very affordable and only take a single day. Our trainers are fun, professional and engaging and we promise an action-packed and interactive day! Check out our list of courses here.

If the time ever comes, you will be glad to be armed with the knowledge to save a life.