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Why having a defibrillator could save your business

At First Aid Accident and Emergency, our services extend beyond to just teaching first aid. We pride ourselves on practicing what we preach and that includes supplying first aid and medical equipment to businesses, organisations and work sites.

Having first aid equipment is just as essential as having the knowledge on how to use it which is why we reinforce to our students whom attend our first aid courses, many of which are business owners, the importance of having the most up-to-date first aid equipment on hand.

Having the right first aid equipment can help you as a business owner protect:

  • Staff
  • Clients
  • Tradesmen
  • Contractors

One expense that many businesses are now investing in is defibrillators and with good reason. One Australian dies every 27 minutes from heart disease, which includes heart attacks and unfortunately this figure is continuing to rise.  Having a defibrillator on site can be the difference between life and death as our First Aid centre experienced first hand when one of our students went into cardiac arrest during a CPR course.  Fortunately, he has made a full recovery with no doubt in the paramedics opinions whom attended the call out, that his life was saved due to having a defibrillator.

If you are interested in having a defibrillator in your workplace or wanting more information on what they actually do, please contact our First Aid Accident and Emergency office today.

How a defibrillator can save your business