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Why are children still drowning in our backyards?

The recent tragic news about twin two-year old boys drowning in a fish pond in the backyard of a Scottish home reiterates the need to not only supervise children at all times but to also be up-to-date with your CPR and first aid skills.

This is particularly essential for parents and carers on the Gold Coast where properties can hold a variety of different dangers to children such as:

  • Swimming pools
  • Water features
  • Water tanks
  • Fish ponds
  • Dams
  • Direct access to the water (waterfront properties)

Taking the proper precautions can help to prevent tragedies like the one which has just happened in Scotland.  Some ways to keep your yard safe and prevent possible drownings include:

Being aware that a child can drown in less than 6 centimeters of water: This could even be a large water bowl for your pet.

Ensuring all large bodies of water are properly fenced: This is not only a safety requirement, it is a legal requirement. The fence needs to be of a regulated standard and also properly installed.

Educating your children on water safety: If your child is aware of water safety they may also prevent other children from danger.

Making visitors aware of any potential hazards: Simply advising visitors to your home that there’s a water feature in your front yard will heighten everyone’s awareness.

Supervise! There is no substitute for watching a child (without your phone) when it comes to protecting them.

Know First Aid: If the worst does happen, the best chance of recovery is being up to date with your CPR and First Aid.

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why are children still drowning in our backyards