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Which is the Best Portable Defibrillators & Why?

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Portable Defibrillator – Which is the best & why?


Our team of first aid & defibrillator specialists have compared two of our most popular portable defibrillators to help you decide which is best for your needs.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is unpredictable and can strike at any time. The chances of survival for someone experiencing cardiac arrest significantly increase when a defibrillator is used compared to the chances of using CPR alone—this is why it’s so important to have a portable defibrillator at the ready.

With so many different Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) on the market, it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding which one is best. At First Aid Accident & Emergency, we stock a huge range of portable defibrillators and defibrillator packs that are specifically designed for different environments. Some of these include workplace defibrillator packs, individual defibs and recreational defibrillator packs.

Heartsine 360P Defibrillator Pack & Tough Case

Lightweight and incredibly durable, the Heartsine 360 Defibrillator Pack & Tough Case comes with a waterproof case and is tough enough to withstand our wild Australian weather conditions. Because of its handy and dependable case, this defibrillator package is perfect to take with you anywhere and is a top choice for many industries and recreational settings including:

Mine and construction sites, caravans and camping, boating and marine, vehicles and 4W driving, sporting and even airlines.

The Heartsine 360P defibrillator is fully automatic and suitable for use on both adults and children. This defibrillator is extremely easy to operate and provides the rescuer with visual and verbal prompts to help with pad placement and conducting CPR. The Heartsine 360P will also analyse the victim’s heart rhythm to automatically deliver a shock if required. This defib has one of the highest IPX ratings available, which means it’s suitable for outdoor and marine environments.


Lifepak CR2 Connect Auto Defibrillator

Much like the Heartsine 360P, the Lifepak CR2 Connect Auto is also very lightweight and extremely durable—another great option for outdoor environments, boating and worksites. This defibrillator has built-in adult and child modes, so it’s often a popular choice for childcare centres and schools. Fully automatic, the Lifepak CR2 features CPR Insight technology, which works to thoroughly analyse the patient’s heart rhythm and decide whether a shock is needed.

A few key features that make the Lifepak CR2 Connect Auto Defibrillator stand out are:

  • Wifi connectivity setting – allowing asset management for large organisations.
  • Bilingual option – two different language settings available that can be easily switched if needed during resuscitation.

Get prepared now with a Portable Defib & First Aid Training

Make sure you’re prepared to react to a medical emergency by investing in the reassurance of a portable defibrillator. If you need more help deciding which defibrillator is right for you, get in contact with our expert team on 07 5520 5068 or browse our online store to see our full range of defibrillators and defibrillator packs available.

We also offer a range of first aid training courses to help you ensure your skills are up to scratch when it comes to correctly deal with any kind of medical emergency.