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What makes a First Aid Course memorable

At First Aid Accident & Emergency we are the first to admit that there is a LOT involved when it comes to First Aid training. There are different courses for different industries, specific training for specific expertise and then there’s the timing issue – people just don’t have a lot of spare time to dedicate to a First Aid course.

We understand all of this which is why we have tailored our individual First Aid courses with three things in mind:


Time is one of those things that seem to be shrinking by the day and this is why we ensure that we have a variety of options First Aid Courses Gold Coastavailable for our First Aid courses. We currently conduct four courses every day and are willing to be as flexible as our resources allow to cater to the individual needs of our participants. Whether that be our instructors visiting your place of work or moving class times to suit your operating hours, we want to work with you. Our First Aid courses are designed with relevance in mind so you have a variety of options available with our extensive range of First Aid courses.


If you are working in a childcare centre, your First Aid training should focus on incidents that you will likely come across in your environment.  Learning about Asthma, Anaphylaxis and CPR training is going to be a lot more useful for you than learning about Low Voltage Rescue which is designed for tradesmen. Keeping the First Aid courses relevant to your specific lifestyle and career is what will help you to retain the information and skills you will learn. Learning in the actual environment of work is also beneficial which is why we offer the options to our participants of conducting the courses ‘in-house’ at our Varsity Lakes centre or we can bring the FAAE team to you and hold the First Aid course in your place of work.


We know that ‘learning’ is rarely affiliated with the word ‘fun’ but that is exactly what we have endeavoured tFirst Aid Accident Emergency Gold Coasto change with our First Aid courses. Yes, First Aid is a very serious business but what is also serious is remembering the skills and tools you learn throughout your First Aid course. Our classes are specifically designed in an ‘inclusive’ format with our students doing just as much First Aid training as our qualified instructors. This includes hands-on training with equipment, role playing and lots of interaction. There’s no sitting behind desks for hours on end watching a white-board. While paperwork is important, our courses are about getting you on your feet, getting the blood pumping and the brain in active mode so all of your senses are alert and ready to take in information that could one day save someone’s life.

Incorporating these elements into our First Aid courses is why our Gold Coast based First Aid training has seen FAAE as one of the leading providers of First Aid education in South East Queensland. We want you to walk away from your First Aid course feeling confident in what you have learned and the knowledge that you now have the skills to make a difference.

If you would like information on any of our First Aid courses, please contact our head office today for more information.