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What does DRSABCD stand for?

At First Aid Accident and Emergency we always emphasis the importance of keeping your first aid skills and knowledge up-to-date.  A perfect example of this can be seen with DRSABCD which is a first aid action plan.  Over twenty years ago, this action plan was simply referred to as DR ABC, so as you can see, there have been some steps added to the action plan to ensure a successful first aid treatment.

So what does DRS ABCD stand for?

Danger (remove patient from danger)

Response (check for response if patient is alert or unconscious)

Send for help (call 000 if needed)

Airway (check for obstructions to airway)

Breathing (check if patient is breathing)

CPR (commence CPR if necessary)

Defibrillation (source and apply defibrillation if needed)

This is the basic action plan that we discuss in all of our first aid courses at First Aid Accident and Emergency primarily because of it’s ease to remember and recall in an emergency situation. By following a few simple steps and sticking to a proven first aid action plan can be the difference between a friend, family member or complete stranger recovering from an accident or not.

If you would like any more information on the first aid courses we have to offer at First Aid Accident and Emergency including covering the DRSABCD action plan, please contact our Gold Coast head office today.