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Western Australia mandate Defibrillators in Public Schools

School Defibrillators:

What you need to know!

You have probably heard that over 30,000 Australian’s have a cardiac arrest every year and the numbers are growing. Sadly only a few will survive.

The Survival Stats:

In cardiac arrest a persons chance of surviving is all based on a few major factors:

No 1: Someone has to be there to witness this event.

No 2: An ambulance needs to be called right away.

No 3: The bystander needs to start CPR in the first few minutes to prevent brain damage.

No 4: A Defibrillator is required to shock the heart back into rhythm in the first 10 minutes.

Without these key factors or even access to a defibrillator, the patients chance of survival is below 3%. But simply by having these 4 key factors in play, especially CPR and a Defibrillator, then survival can be as high as 80%.

The Western Australian Government Department of Education, have now made the decision to mandate that all public schools must have a Defibrillator or AED (Automated External Defibrillator) installed by 30 June 2024.

First Aid A&E are a registered training organisation (RTO 32058) with over 17 years experience in training CPR and Defibrillators. Over this time, we have become experts in the use of defibrillators and more importantly, we feel this decision will save lives.

The South Australian Government’s Automated External Defibrillators (Public Access) Bill 2022 which passed in November 2022, has made other states have a good look at policy reform and AED’s. If anything this Bill along with Education Western Australia, have highlighted the importance of public access defibrillators in organisations and making them accessible in the community.

What you need to know…

In the new mandate, there are number of responsibilities that have been placed on schools and in fact principals. A couple of significant criteria are that the school purchase a Defibrillator that is Australian approved and from a reputable Australian supplier.

First Aid Accident & Emergency are a 100% Australian owned and operated leading supplier of Defibrillators. Our organisation has managed and supplied AED’s to a host of government organisations including the Commonwealth Games, multiple City Councils and Schools across the country. We have supplied over 6000 organisations Australia wide! This all came about in late 2015 when we had to put our skills to the ultimate test, resuscitating a student in one of our CPR Courses on the Gold Coast with a Defibrillator, Defibrillator used to resuscitate a students in a CPR course on the Gold Coast.

First Aid A&E have a team of experts that have years of experience. We can support you in the process of making the right choice for your school environment and you will also have the confidence of 8 years support for the life of your Defibrillator.

What are the new ED WA regulations?

CEO Instruction – Automated External Defibrillators – Mandated in all public schools by 30 June 2024

Section 1 of the AED School Standards:

1.8 – It is now considered essential every public-school work site has at least one AED located at each sites main Administration building by 30 June 2024.

1.8.1 – AEDs will be purchased from reputable suppliers, compliant with Australian Standards and registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.
1.8.2 – AEDs will be positioned to ensure maximum performance, noting performance may vary dependent upon environmental conditions.

1.8.3 – AEDs will be made available for community use wherever possible.

Section 2 of the AED School Standards:

Principals of all public schools must, during the term of this CEO Instruction:

a. have at least one AED installed on the outside wall of the main Administration building on each worksite for which they have responsibility as Principal by 30 June 2024.

FAAE have an outdoor pin coded AED bundle for this purpose – Order now while stock lasts.

b. ensure AED location, installation and maintenance conforms with Department guidance.

First Aid A&E have complete packages for your school.

We have put together a range of School Defibrillator bundles that come with a monthly maintenance program (check-list) so you can comply with ED WA standards.

Why should I choose First Aid Accident & Emergency?

  • Our Defibrillators are compliant with Australian Standards and registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (TGA approved)
  • Our Defibrillators come complete in a bundle so there is no guesswork
  • Our AEDs comply with the WA Department of Education requirements
  • Our Defibrillators are Adult and Child friendly
  • We have an outside pin-coded Defibrillator bundle so you can set up the AED on the Administration Building to make it community accessible
  • We offer 8 years after sales support to help set up and manage your Defibrillator
  • We provide on-line training and supporting tools
  • We are Defibrillator experts with over 17 years industry experience
  • We also offer a mobile bundle in case of an emergency on an oval far away from the Administration Building

Like to know more? You can find more information about our tailored School Defibrillator Bundles here or contact our team of experts on 07 5520 5068 or email [email protected].

Contact a Defibrillator EXPERT today!

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