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Do you have the right defib for your civil or construction job site?

What you need to know about choosing the right Defibrillator for you.

First Aid Accident & Emergency (FAAE) are a 100% Australia owned, emergency management training, defibrillator and equipment supplier.  As a CCF QLD partner and supplier to the construction industry, we have the right advice to help you make the right choice about your next defib for the site.

“Not all Defibrillators are the same.  Yes, they all talk to you but how will they go when it counts. Are they tough enough to cut it on an Aussie civil site? When buying a defib, make sure you have the right one for the job” says Scott Whimpey, Director FAAE.

Here are Scott’s tips when considering a Defibrillator for your job site.

  • Buy an AED that is durable (High IP rating).
  • Buy an AED that is easy to use.
  • Think about the long-term cost of battery and pad replacement.
  • Consider how long the AED will last – warranty and is it Australian approved.
  • Consider the maintenance checks recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Buy an AED that comes with everything – ideally a bundle pack.

Choose the most suitable IP rating for your job site. Every AED has an Ingress Protection rating (IP). Essentially the higher the IP rating, the more durable the device.  Most AED’s have a low IP rating – this means they cannot handle high heat like in a vehicle and they are not durable enough to work in a dusty environment or have accidental contact with moisture or water.  Our HeartSine Defibs have the highest IP rating on the market of IP56 – making them a great choice for civil environments.

HeartSine 500P Mobile Tough Case Bundle

Buy an AED that is easy to use. Most AEDs have voice prompts that tell the rescuer what to do but the better-quality devices like the HeartSine range have voice and visual prompts.  This makes the device very easy to use in any environment.

Long term cost of your Defib: Some AEDs are very expensive to run over a long-term period with pads and battery costing upwards of $600 every 2-4 years.  The HeartSine Defibrillators have the lowest on-going cost on the market with pad and battery packs costing as little as $250 every 4 years.

How long will your Defib last and is it Australian approved? Most people don’t realise that AED’s have set life span, this comes down to the warranty period. For an AED to be Australian approved, they must be TGA approved (Therapeutic Goods Administration). Like any medically approved device, there must be an expiry or used before date on the device. Most AED’s last between 5 to 8 years and are not covered by the supplier after the end date. This can cause liability issues for the owner of the device if a fault occurs after warranty and be very costly. Our HeartSine Defibrillators have 8 years warranty and we will notify the owner when this is getting close so you can turn the device over.

Scotty’s Expert Tip: “check how old your Defib is so you are not putting your organisation at risk”

Defibrillator Maintenance: All defibrillators must be maintained to ensure warranty is covered and the device is ready to use. All you need to do is follow manufacturer’s instructions.  This does not mean having your device sent away and checked, you and your team can do this by simply checking the device once a month. All FAAE construction AED bundles come with a monthly check-list to help you comply with warranty and ensure the AED is good to go when it counts.

Purchase the right package that includes everything.  FAAE as an industry defib expert have thought of everything for you.  We have put together a range of AED Bundles that have everything you need at the right price. Our bundles are built tough and come with signage, monthly checklist, patient prep packs and the most durable defibrillators in market.

You have options of either a Construction Wall Cabinet Bundle for the site shed or a grab and go Mobile Construction Bundle in a tough IP65 Safe Case.


Defibrillator Bundles

All our HeartSine Defibrillator Bundles come with a massive 8 year TGA warranty with a single Pad and Battery pack that lasts 4 years. Do the Math, this means the lowest on going cost in Australia over 8 years for a Defibrillator Bundle.

From around $245 per year for the life of your device – 8 years.

So for example, if your AED Bundle cost you $1699 then add 1 Pad and battery pack for $249. Then divide the total cost by 8 years!

  • 8 Year TGA and Warranty
  • Tough & Durable defibrillator with an IP56 rating
  • Full Energy Device 
  • Complete Bundle Pricing
  • AED monthly check-list
  • Self-Regulating AED, no checks are required by an external company
  • Free Online training
  • AED signage
  • Patient Preparation pack

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