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Marine Defibrillator Bundles


Defibrillator Bundles

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‘Choose a complete Defibrillator package for your Marine Vessel ‘



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‘Waterproof Defibrillator Bundles for your Vessel’

Over 30,000 Australian’s suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, some of these situations happen at sea. By having access to a waterproof Defibrillator pack in Vessel, the chance of survival increases by up to 80%.

As a 100% Australian defibrillator specialist, we know how important accessing a Defibrillator early can make! We used our Defibrillator to save the life of our student in a first aid course.

The trusted defibrillator supplier for 1000’s of Australian organisations, including parkrun Australia & the GC 2018 Commonwealth games, our defibrillator bundles are industry specific and can handle the marine environment.


‘Our Defibrillators are safe on your Boat’

Our Defibrillator packages are 100% safe to use in a wet area and specifically designed for the marine environment, all our packages come in an IP67 waterproof safe case to ensure they are protected and the cases make them east to store on your boat.

Marine Defibrillator Bundle: Option 1


This is our best selling IP67 Waterproof  Defib package due to being the best value, small and lightweight, easy to store and easy to use. This Defib is built tough and can handle any situation on your boat.

The 350p shows and tells the rescuer exactly what to do in an emergency with loud voice prompts and LED indicators for easy to follow instructions.

This package comes with everything required for a quick set up and installation in your workshop.

350p Marine Defibrillator Bundle :

1 x 350p Defibrillator
1 x IP67 Safe Case
1 x Casualty Prep Kit
1 x AED Location Sticker
1 x Free Training Video
1 x Free Delivery
1 x 8 Year Warranty

500p Marine Defibrillator Bundle
This is the SMARTEST Marine Defibrillator package in Australia.

The HeartSine 500p Defibrillator helps the rescuer with CPR by telling them when and how to improve CPR, voice prompts:

“Push harder – Push Faster”.

This package is ideally suited for your Marine Vessel where there may be untrained users,

The 500p is like having a paramedic on your shoulder! 

This package comes with everything required to set up and store on your boat.

500p Marine Defibrillator Bundle :

1 x 500p SMART Defibrillator
1 x IP67 Safe Case
1 x Casualty Prep Kit
1 x AED Location Sticker
1 x Free Training Video
1 x Free Delivery
1 x 8 Year Warranty


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Marine First Aid Kit $36.85

Small Boat FIRST AID KIT – 

This Waterproof Level 2 First Aid Kit is designed for use on a small boats up to 6 people 
It’s compact and weatherproof case makes it ideal for storage in small areas while it protects its contents from dust, water and other environmental hazards.

This Level 2 First Aid kit has all the necessary First Aid supplies to treat and manage minor injuries on a marine vessel.

waterproof first aid kit supplies

Scale G Marine First Aid Kit $258.50

Marine First Aid Kit – SCALE G with Waterproof Container and Wall Bracket

Size: 43 x 30 x 15 cm

The Scale G Marine kit complies with the Australian NSCV (National Standard for Commercial Vessels) requirements for the indicated Class of vessel. The cases have
been developed specifically for marine environments and are UV resistant, and have a water resistant seal, with a full wall mount bracket for secure mounting.
Vessel Class – This scale G Marine first aid kit meets the requirements under the NSCV for the vessel Classes: 1D (with Unberthed passengers), 1E (with Unberthed
passengers), 2D, 2E, 3D and 3E.*
*Note. Scheduled medicines and specialised equipment are not provided but can be purchased from a Pharmacy. 


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