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The Importance of Learning CPR in a Workplace

Man lying on the road having CPR being performed on him

Staff at a Helensvale medical imaging centre did not perform CPR on an elderly woman who suffered a cardiac arrest while in their care, the Coroners Court in Southport has been told.

An 87 year old patient went to the imaging centre to have a procedure to help alleviate pain in her lower back on 14 April, 2015. The court was told after an injection the patient felt faint, collapsed and an ambulance was called. She died in the Gold Coast University Hospital five days later.

A paramedic on the scene told the inquest when he arrived at the medical centre just after 1:30pm he saw a woman rubbing the patient’s shoulder as she lay on a table. The paramedic said he was told no one had started CPR.

The paramedics moved the patient to the floor to start CPR, the court was told.

“I asked if anyone knew CPR and no one responded,” said the paramedic.

Unfortunately, situations like this are all too common in workplaces around Australia. The value of CPR training for employees is imperative to ensure the maximum chance of survival in emergency situations.

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*Article originally published in The Gold Coast Bulletin.

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