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Is Your Workplace Heart Safe?

Neumann Contractors in training for CPR and First Aid on a job site

We recently trained some of our favourite clients Neumann Contractors in CPR at their offices. We have been training Neumann’s for over ten years and are proud to say that we consider them a ‘Heart Safe Workplace.’

AED Neumann Contractors

An accessible AED location with signage – that’s a tick from us!

What is a Heart Safe Workplace?

Heart Safe Workplaces must meet the below critera:

  • At least one AED is installed in your business
  • The AED’s are in places that are easy to reach in an emergency
  • Employees are aware of AED locations
  • Employees are trained in the use of CPR and defibrillators

AED Installed

The most important aspect of a Heart Smart Workplace is to have an AED on the premises. We cannot stress that enough. Having an AED onhand in an emergency situation and being able to defib within the first minute gives the patient a 90% chance of survival.

Accessible AED’s

On top of having an AED, it is vital that it is kept in a public, easily accessible position. In too many cases, we see an organisation that has an AED, but is locked away and is of no use in an emergency situation.

Employee Awareness

Signage and employee awareness of AED locations are vitally important as well. The first few minutes of a cardiac emergency are vital in regards to time. Precious minutes could be wasted searching for an AED – minutes that could mean the difference between life and death.

Neumann Contractors Training

Employee training on CPR and use of AEDs is so important for your organisation.

Employee Training

Although AED’s are designed to be used by pretty much anyone, we always recommend staff are trained in AED usage. Confidence is a pretty big factor in using an AED quickly and efficiently – remember, the sooner that first shock is delivered, the higher the chance of survival!

If your business has all these implemented – well done! You are officially a Heart Safe Workplace!

Contact us on 07 5520 5068 to organise onsite training at your workplace or check out our online store with our quality range of defibrillators.



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