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HeartSine Samaritan Defibrillator Waterproof Bundle


HeartSine Samaritan All Weather Defibrillator Bundle

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by our clients is if defibrillators are durable enough to be used in a full range of conditions, for example, are they safe to use in outdoor environments? Some defibrillators and defibrillator packs have been specially designed so that they’re highly durable and weatherproof, ensuring the defib is ready to use in a range of conditions and outdoor settings.

Here at First Aid Accident & Emergency, our top pick when it comes to durability in outdoor conditions is our Vehicle & All Weather Defibrillator Bundle. Read more about this durable defibrillator option in our summary below.

What’s included?

This defib bundle includes everything you’ll need to complete a safe and efficient resuscitation. The pack has been designed with outdoor and marine environments in mind, so it’s the ideal choice for those who want to keep a defibrillator on their boat or in their vehicle. It’s also perfect for people who work in outdoor environments like tradesmen and construction workers. Our All-Weather Defibrillator Bundle includes:

  • HeartSine defibrillator
  • Waterproof case with an IP67 rating
  • Adult PADPAK
  • Casualty prep kit
  • Soft shell carry case
  • AED location sticker
  • Training video

Do I need a waterproof defibrillator?

This rugged defib pack is suited to a wide range of industries and environments. We suggest anyone who plans on regularly taking their defib with them outdoors, in their vehicle or on their boat seriously considers opting for this pack.

Some of the industries that this all-weather bundle is great for includes:

  • Construction & mine sites
  • Marine
  • Airline
  • Sporting
  • Caravan, camping & 4W driving


Key Features:

The HeartSine 360P defibrillator is extremely compact and lightweight—this makes it perfect for those who plan on storing it in their vehicle or boat. This particular defib is simple to use and provides the rescuer with clear step-by-step instructions. It has an IP rating of 56, so it can handle exposure to water and dust. The defib will even provide you with a reminder when it’s time to replace the battery or pads, ensuring that you’re always prepared for an emergency.

Would you like more information on our All-Weather Defibrillator Bundle? Get in contact with the specialists at FAAE today or browse our online shop to view our complete range of defibrillator and first aid products.


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