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Heart Attack survivor from first aid course

FAAE - First Aid Accident and Emergency

Peter Cary attended a First Aid course in October of 2015, when he suddenly has a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Ironically, this happened during a role-play session in the CPR Course where students were practicing their newly acquired First Aid skills on each other.

Our qualified First Aid trainers thought Mr Cary was merely getting into character until the symptoms started to get more reactive and it became apparent that the class had a real situation on their hands that required immediate medical attention. Our team immediately stepped up, using all of their First Aid skills, and went through the steps of checking Mr Cary’s breathing and response. At this stage Mr Cary was completely unresponsive and in full cardiac arrest.

CPR was started, 000 was called and another student was sent to retrieve a defibrillator, which was then administered by the partially trained students while CPR was continued. Peter talks about his experience as a SCA survivor and promotes CPR training and having a Defibrillator for your business.

If your organisation require quality training or a defibrillator, contact our experts on 07 55205068 FAAE are the defibrillator supplier to parkrun Australia and the Commonwealth Games.