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It is now a requirement that General Practice must have a GP Defibrillator and first aid training for non-clinical staff.

RACGP have made important updates to the Standards for general practices (5th edition), reflecting the expectation that practices need to be prepared for potential clinical emergencies.

All changes can be found in this factsheet. These changes include immediate access to an automatic external defibrillator (AED) and basic life support, CPR or First Aid training for all general practice staff.

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There have been upgrades to the standards, so lets have a look at what the changes and requirements are.


Criterion C3.3 – Emergency response plan

In an emergency, especially one such as a pandemic, the demand for healthcare services generally increases, so it is crucial that your practice can continue to provide services during this time, if appropriate. Emergencies can occur on your premises and involve your patients (eg a patient suffering a cardiac arrest).

Your practice team needs to consider the process for managing any incident, including roles and responsibilities (such as a first responder), as well as the processes for enacting your emergency response plan. If your practice is prepared for an emergency, you are more likely to provide effective continuity of care for your patients, and to continue operating your business as smoothly as possible.

So this means that you might consider participating in drills that involve all members of the practice team for the emergencies you have identified in your emergency response plan. This can be done in BLS training sessions and then an additional scenario added at a later stage. Contact us if you would like a scenario supplied to the Practice – 07 5520 5068.


Criterion C8.1 – Education and training of non-clinical staff

C8.1►B Non-clinical staff complete basic life support (BLS) training in either CPR HLTAID009 or Provide First Aid HLTAID011 at least once every three years.

This training must be conducted by an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the trainer must be a qualified trainer and assessor. The current training qualification required is the Certificate 4 in training and assessing TAE40116.

This means you will need to contact a training organisation to come to the practice and train the team. We offer courses in SE QLD and Northern NSW and conduct express options in as little as 90 min face to face.

HeartSine 500P

Criterion GP5.2 – Practice equipment

Your practice must have a defibrillator and there must be clear signs to indicate where it is.

The defibrillator in your practice :

  • must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • it must be placed where it is clearly visible and accessible, and not exposed to extreme temperatures

So there is now no getting out of this one, you must have a defibrillator in the practice!

We would also like to discuss having the AED checked and tagged by external organisations – we have defibrillators that do NOT require this service, the manufacturer only recommends a monthly check and guess what – we have a monthly check-list in the pack for you.

Also our range of defibrillators conduct a self-check, so if there is a problem, the device will beep and let you know!

We have put together 3 options however, we recommend that you have the defibrillator displayed somewhere visible and accessible in the practice in a wall mounted display cabinet. This allows the non-clinical team to access this life saving device in a hurry.

First Aid Training


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FAAE also offer a free online training program for your team, so you feel confident you have the skills and equipment to safely react to a cardiac emergency in the practice.

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Having a Defibrillator close by in an emergency can literally by life saving. Hear why one of our valued clients, who is a GP and Emergency Doctor, purchased one of our mobile defibrillator bundles for his vehicle and why you should too.

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Wall Mounted Defibrillator Cabinet Bundle. Display the Defibrillator in a wall mounted, alarmed metal wall cabinet with all the signage and accessories required. This means your front reception team can access the AED quickly and start the ball rolling in a prompt manner.

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