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First Aid knowledge can save lives and this was experienced first-hand by 11-year-old Elsie Ortuzar of Perth who was bitten by a brown snake, which are known to be the second most venomous snake on the planet.

The Ortuzar family is trying to raise awareness of the importance of life-saving First Aid training as their swift intervention of little Elsie’s situation helped save her life. By applying the correct First Aid techniques Elsie was spared from the potentially fatal side-effects of the bite such bleeding or heart attack.

The incident happened in the yard of the family home when the little girl, whom at first thought their family cat was nipping her, realised she had been bitten not once but three times by the deadly snake.

Thanks to the quick-thinking and response from Elsie’s mother, who had been trained in First-Aid Trained she received treatment for the wound from their First Aid Snake Bite Kit which was located in the family home. While Elsie was being treated, Mr. Ortuzar called 000 for emergency assistance.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending. After four long days of treatment and monitoring at Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital – Elsie is happy and healthy.

The Ortuzar family is urging parents to undergo First Aid training – Ms Ortuzar stating,

“Snakes are out there. The chances of being bitten might be minimal, but First Aid is vital.”

Source: Perth Now

First Aid Accident & Emergency offers a multitude of in-depth and engaging registered First Aid training courses. In addition we have specialist First Aid courses such as CPR, Low Voltage and Advanced Resuscitation courses all of which could one day contribute in saving a life.

For tips on how to handle a snakebite view our instructional video lead by FAAE’s own director and facilitator Scott Whimpey:

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