It has been a difficult time for the staff and local community of Dreamworld so when our First Aid Accident and Emergency office received the phone call to facilitate a Low Voltage Rescue and Resuscitation Course for the engineering team, our CEO and chief trainer, Scott Whimpey, took the job on himself.

Knowing First Aid and being confident to administer it when needed has been highlighted in respect to the recent incident that happened at the Gold Coast theme park. It was essential that only the best first aid training was used which is why First Aid Accident and Emergency was contacted to conduct this course.

With over a decades worth of experience in the industry, our team has not only taught First Aid courses but used their skills in real life situations.

The Dreamworld engineering team did a fantastic job and passed with flying colours in their Low Voltage Rescue and Resuscitation Course and we wish them all the best for the year ahead.

If you are interested in our Low Voltage Rescue and Resuscitation Course, contact our Gold Coast based head office today.




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