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FAAE team up with HIA for First Aid training

Last week week our First Aid Accident and Emergency director, Scott Whimpey, met with the training manager of HIA, Toni Bull and discussed the ongoing commitment HIA offers it’s members in regards to first aid training.

Housing Industry Association (HIA) is a national industry association which represents the housing industry though its extensive membership program. It is a testament to their company in how thorough their services are including the recent addition of first aid courses for Northern NSW tailored towards those working in the construction industry.

This is one of the advantages our clients experience by using First Aid Accident and Emergency for their first aid courses in that we tailor the content of the First Aid course to compliment the industry that is hosting the course. The construction industry in particular has very specific elements that are not relevant to other fields which is why it’s important to find a First Aid course that addresses these areas as it may the difference that saves someones life.

If you work in the construction industry or employ contractors, contact us today to discuss the range of First Aid courses we deliver either onsite or at our Varsity Lakes headquarters.